5 Simple Tricks to Make You An Impressive Skinny Guy

October 04, 2015


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Everyday we walk around the department stores, no matter what sizes we are, we all seem to have a hard time finding the perfect fit. Though many people might think "Sizing problem" only applies to the overweight people, skinny guys actually have a really hard time finding the right fit for them. In fact, many of the male fashion retailers cater to the bigger and muscular males physique, whereas the skinny ones are often left behind. Walking around in the city, it's not hard to notice many guys are wearing over-sized jeans, shirts, and pants. So to all the skinny guys out there, we've got 5 simple rules to make you dress better, while not breaking your bank.

1. No Vertical stripes!

While convention wisdom would say that vertical strips go well with skinny guys, they are simply tricks to make people look skinnier. Therefore, avoid vertical strips at all costs. If you a fan of the strips, try strips with different width and determine what would look best on yourself. When in doubt, go with no strips. With no strips, things could get really boring with monotone. One creative solution would be these dual color pants, while it won't make you look skinnier than you should be, it offers something different to break up the one tone boring jeans. 

2. Be friends with Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and Topman. 

No denial, European fashions (except Uniqlo from Japan) tend to cater better for the slender type, where the sizes are better fit and less baggy. These brands are also pretty budget friendly!

3. Fit is everything!

While it might be tempting to buy clothes that are a bit loose to make yourself feel bigger. In reality, baggy clothes only makes you look thinner than you should be. Although it could be pricy to get tailored, having one tailored suit is a must to survive nowadays. Places like Knot Standard has a wide range of selections and it is worth to spurge for that one perfect suit. Also, other fast fashion retailers like H&M and Uniqlo do provide free tailoring for pants. So be sure to pay them a visit when getting your new jeans or pants. 

4. Pay Attention to Color.

Darker colors tend to make us look slender, so similar to the vertical stripes, we should avoid wearing dark color clothing from head to toe. Lighter color would work much better visually. (If you are the advantageous types - you can even pull it off with colors like bright orange, pink and yellow) 

5. Huge Accessories are Your Enemies.

While this seems like a no brainer, I have seen many skinny guys wearing watches that are bigger than their palms. it should be obvious that these ginormous accessories would only make you look smaller and it is totally unsexy.

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