Donald Trump makes his suits in "WHERE"? It's not the US

September 13, 2015


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Lately, Donald Trump has sparked some controversies with his thoughts about immigrants from Mexico. In his recent announcement of his 2016 bid for the US presidency, he claimed that criminals and rapists are coming to the United States from Mexico and was advocating for something similar to "the Great Wall of China" to be built at our southern border to keep people out.

With his comments disparaging our Mexican friends, one would think that his "Trump Collection" should be made right here in America. However, the truth can never be hidden behind the Internet. People all over the internet are reminding Donald Trump that his mensware line is made in Mexico.

With his remarks, quite a few companies and celebrities have since cut ties with Trump, such as NBC, who have dropped all business relationships with the mogul. The latest round is from retail giant Macy’s, where Trump sold his Donald J. Trump Signature collection. In fact, Trump did once complain about being unhappy with the fact that his suits weren't made here in the US, but apparently, he forgot to mention one small, but very important fact, that they were made in Mexico.

In response to the critics, Trump said that he was never happy about the fact that the ties and shirts are made overseas, and if he ever started a new product line in the future, he would ensure that they will be made in America. 

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