4 simple way to take care of your dress shirts

October 04, 2015



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4 simple ways to make your dress shirts last longer and looks sharper | Chicerman Blog

Every morning, when you are trying to look sharp for the day, we occasionally run into the uphill battles when we can't find a decent shirt without ink stains and wrinkles. We all know how it feels to go to work with a shirt that looks like you just woke up from a messy sexy encounter. Well, to fix that, here are a few tricks to keep up your shirts always look great.

1. Wear Grey Undershirt

4 simply way to take care of your dress shirts | Chicerman BlogFor most guys in the office wearing a white undershirt, they usually wear an undershirt which is necessary. But you don't want to wear a white undershirt and have it be visible to everyone else (especially the ladies). To avoid this, try wearing a light-gray undershirt. Although it isn’t the same color, the light grey color pallet in fact matches much better with more people's skin tone and is less visible to your co-workers. You've get to give this a try to see the miracle yourself.

2. Use Cedar Hanger to Hang Your Shirts

4 simply way to take care of your dress shirts | Chicerman BlogFor most people living in the city, the closet area is filled with dust and dirts. Once moth gets to your shirts, there is not much you can do. However, studies have shown that moth balls are not good both for our health and fabrics. To tackle this problem, use cedar hanger to wear your shirts and cedar can natuarally absort moisture and unpleasant orders. Replace your cheap hangers with the quality ones from CB2 or even IKEA would be sufficed. You will be surprised such a small change will make your shirts last so much longer.

3. Always iron your shirts - if you can

4 simply way to take care of your dress shirts | Chicerman BlogNothing is better than a straightened shirt. No one likes wrinkles (not only your body, but also the things you wear). Spear a good couple minutes to iron your shirts after you wash time. If you can afford, the $2.95 at the local dry cleaner is worth the money. 

4. Say to to Shirt Stains

4 simply way to take care of your dress shirts | Chicerman BlogThis happens to everyone. We dripped our coffer, spit our drinks, leaving a trail of brownish stain. In fact, tackling with stains are not as difficult as it should be. There are lots of cleaning agents out there where you can easily remove the stains, such as the "Tide Pen". They work miraculously. Once you done that, simply throw your shirt in the washer and you are all set.

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