How much will you spend on Halloween this year?

October 04, 2015

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Halloween has become a worldwide celebration in aspirations to trick, treat, and awe! Surprisingly, in 2014, Americans spent a total of $7.4 billion on Halloween products(according to With halloween revenue being that high in 2014, I could almost bet consumer spending will increase this year in 2015. I can assure you some of those consumers spending on Halloween goodies are your friends! With that being said, halloween invites to parties, dinners, masquerades, etc. are being sent out to celebrate these festivities with friends! Halloween has become such a powerhouse because of the horror movies, thrill to participate in spooky scenarios, and society signifying it as a norm. How much will you spend on Halloween this year? What will your costume be? Why not let Chicerman take one stress away while you prepare for all Halloween festivities. Whether you’re expected at a Halloween Day luncheon with your boss, or your best friend's costume party at night; Chicerman will take one major detail of Halloween off your hands! Why not go costume with Chicerman this Halloween? Starting at $799, the Chicerman exclusively tailored ‘Black Suit’ is the definite go-to this Halloween. Start the day sporting your solid black suit paired with a solid black shirt, and a skinny orange tie buttoned for a sleek sophisticated look in the office. Once the work day’s over, let loose and unbutton your Chicerman custom tailored suit with pride in knowing that no soul will be dressed like you on the night ahead. Lose the tie and grab a mask of your preference to show up and spook the party. In the Chicerman ‘Black Suit’ all eyes will definitely be on you! Fool your friends with the seasonal mask, but your Chicerman suit will always last! Buy your custom tailored suit with confidence and incentive of free unlimited alterations, shipping, and returns! No risk taken! So this Halloween, make sure Chicerman is in your spending budget!

Larry Polk
Larry Polk


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October 30, 2015

Super article, great information and EXPENSIVE SUIT. Hound dog?

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