Our Story

Dream - Love - Passion - The Organic Food Movement in Fashion 

Hello! This is Jack and I am one of the founders of ChicerMan. Chris (my partner) and I met in the winter of 2009 when we were at one of our friend's birthday party. After we met, we didn't really talk to each other for a while until one day, I got a text from Chris and he asked me out. We went to dominique ansel bakery (in case you don't know, this is the infamous place of cronut invention - which has since became insanely popular in New York City). It is then our love story began. 
Fast forward, Chris and I are now married. And haha yes, we married at city hall where there were only a few of us attended. We have both been a life-time fashion enthusiasts, and we have met a great group of friends that are passionate about this subjects. With this, our baby ChicerMan was born. 
Like all other small businesses, we don't necessary have the leverage to negotiate the best deals with our vendors. However, we hope this could bring back the good old days "main street" America. We all have shopped enough times in the big name retailers like Macy's, Nordstrom, and many others - which most of the time, one of their Corporate Jet expenses in a year could easily afford to make hundred, or even thousands of employees live comfortably. 
We hope that this could eventually become the organic food movement in fashion, where fashion is bought back to the small boutiques and the hands of the public. Whether it is us, or some other people, we would be gladly to see this change. 
Ultimately, we hope to make ChicerMan become a place where people from all walks of life come together and share the joy of shopping, fashion, and story telling. We would love to hear your story (whether it is a happy one or sad one), we believe that they will all be good stories. Write to us and start building the community together. Spread the love! We love to hear from you soon!